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Combi X-Ray + Checkweigher for small vertical products

Compact solutions for small-sized vertical products, which integrate in a single monoblock weight control and X-ray inspection with side scanning beam; ideal for products developed in height such as briks, standing cases, square-based vertical envelopes, etc.

The revolutionary compact solution by Antares Vision Group does not consist of two separate units, one consequent to the other, but by a single system that incorporates both. The result: a single extremely efficient and easy to manage instrument thanks to a single operator interface, made with 15” color touch-screen panel.

The systems work together in complete synchrony through unique product recipes, split and compact ejection modules. When needed the systems can work in disjoined mode, without generating any limit to the line functionalities.

Optimized in its parts thanks to the exclusive integration of the weighing module within X-Ray inspection and custom components such as: electronic processing unit, sensor, and generator. Maximum safety and guarantee to detect dangerous foreign bodies such as metals, glass, stones, bones, and high-density plastics.

In particular, the dynamic weighing unit installed on board is based on a careful research of the components that favour its application at high technological levels, thanks to high quality standards.

The high-precision mechanical technology, combined with custom electronics of our design and production, makes these systems perfectly respondents to the increasing industrial production needs, providing a quality control of the production which, in a single monobloc, guarantees high constancy of repeatability and reliability over time.

Antares Vision Group combined X-Ray systems + Checkweigher got the required requirements for the metrological homologation and meet with the international standards imposed by the primary quality certification bodies.

  • Control Panel: colour touchscreen 15”
  • Data Processing Electronics: RISC Embedded FPGA
  • Generator: latest generation – up to 100W – electronic and integrated cooling module, maintenance not requested
  • Self-learning System and Calibration: Included
  • Sensor: RISC Embedded FPGA 300 mm with pixel 0,8 mm IP65
  • Data Collection Software: Included through Ethernet and USB
  • Kit for Remote Assistance: Included
  • Compliance Industry 4.0: with Bidirectional Protocol
  • Conformity: CE, MID, BRC, IFS, HACCP, GMP
  • Linear Speed: up to 70 m/min
  • Production: up to 300 ppm
  • Weight Range: up to 3200 g
  • Display Division: starting from 0,1 – 0,2 g
  • Protection Degree: IP65
  • X-ray inspection (side beam)
  • Load cell
  • Ensures adequate handling of unstable products, preventing their fall and consequent line stops
  • The infeed and outfeed tangential belts facilitate the introduction of the system into the line, picking up the products laterally on the upstream belt and delivering them with the same mechanism on the downstream one
  • All the advantages of the two single units in one solution
  • A single operator interface through which recipes are simultaneously loaded for both units
  • Costs and footprint reduction compared to two separated units
  • The best inspection solutions, together with high-precision weighing technology
  • HR 600 – EL 300 /V (conveyors width: 140 mm)
  • SR 1200 – EL 300 /V (conveyors width: 140 mm)