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Label inspection for not-oriented containers – IE 4000

The label inspection system for not-oriented containers ensures the label’s quality regarding the correct positioning, compliance with the format being produced, and integrity of each type of label, including opaque and partially transparent, partial or wraparound labels in any rounded shape container.

Easy, complete, and modular. The IE4000-IoT allows the inspection of any labelling at full production speed and without the containers’ orientation. The label inspection system guarantees the perfect image of every single product, and it monitors the performances of the labeller, alerting in case of anomalies before generating rejections. The picture is based on a 3D model for the label reconstruction at 360°. The modularity of the software allows for enhancing the protection degree by adding just the inspection modules you need.

  • Label presence
  • Label positioning (vertical, horizontal, rotation)
  • Correct axial position between labels
  • Correct positioning of labels against the embossed elements of the bottles
  • Confirmation of the correct label
  • Label quality/integrity
  • Flagging Labe
  • Label upside down
  • Absence of defects in the sealing area of sleeve labels
  • Compliance with capsule colour
  • Capsule correct positioning
  • Code integrity (lot, expiration data)
  • Code reading (Barcode, Datamatrix, QR-Code)
  • Wraparound and sleeve inspection
  • Artificial vision
  • Four cameras and 3D engine compensation
  • 3D Reconstruction system for 360° inspection
  • Suitable for square and round container
  • Integrable in machine or stand-alone
  • Production records and picture storage
  • Expandable with other inspections
  • User-friendly interface
  • Brand protection
  • Prevent claims from the market or unsold bottles
  • Reduce reworking
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction
  • IE 4000-IoT