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Seal Inspection – SIS 700

The seal inspection systems allow to detect the presence of organic material (be it an external agent or a residue of the food product) in the seal area.

The inspection is performed thanks to the hyperspectral technology by which the camera selects the correct wavelength to ignore the material of the package and consider only the organic material in the sealing area. This means that inspection is possible whether the foil is transparent, coloured, or opaque.

These systems are developed to perform the non-destructive automatic inspection on 100% of the production, without the need to change the production speed.

The seal inspection system provides real-time data updates as soon as a defect is detected and automatically rejects the package preventing it from getting to the shelves.

With SIS 700 you will reduce costs related to recalls for unsold products on the shelves and labour hours wasted with manual inspections. With our inspection systems, you can be sure that your products will be safe and of quality when they arrive at your end customer.

  • Detection of organic material in the sealing area
  • Regardless analysis of the colour and the graphics on the film
  • In-line and non-destructive inspection
  • Checks on 100% of production
  • Hyperspectral Technology
  • Guarantee of the good sealing of the package
  • Guarantee of bringing an intact and safe product to the market
  • Protection of Brand reputation
  • Reduction of costs due to lack of returns
  • Reduction of costs due to personnel involved in spot checks
  • Reduction of costs due to destructive checks
  • Sustainability improvement: less quantity of plastic produced and less food waste
  • SIS 700 VA (for transparent foil)
  • SIS 700 IR (for coloured or opaque foil)