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Dual Lane X-Ray Inspection

An advanced solution, which allows X-ray inspection of products in transit on two lanes, without the need to install two systems.

The system is equipped with a single top-down scanning unit and a single operator interface, capable of identifying the position of the foreign body in the left or right lane.

Customizable ejection modules, for example a double ejection cylinder in opposite positions, allow to reject only the contaminated product, minimizing waste.

Performances comparable to those of two machines installed on two separate lines are therefore obtained, but with clear advantages in terms of costs, size, and maintenance. All without any qualitative compromise: the special double-track systems maintain the top technological level of the standard X-ray inspection models (link a Serie orizzontali).

  • Control Panel: colour touch screen 15″
  • Data Processing Electronics: RISC Embedded FPGA
  • Generator: latest generation – up to 100W – electronic and integrated cooling module, maintenance not requested
  • Self-learning System and Calibration: Included 
  • Data and Images Collection Software: Included through Ethernet and USB
  • Kit for Remote Assistance: Included
  • Compliance Industry 4.0: with Bidirectional Protocol
  • Conformity: CE, MID, BRC, IFS, HACCP, GMP
  • Linear Speed: up to 70 m/min 
  • Protection Degree: IP65
  • X-ray inspection (top-down beam)
  • Avoids the need to split the double lane production on two separate systems
  • Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to the two single units
  • Ensures the absence of high-density physical contaminants
  • Prevents market complaints and recalls, providing the best guarantee for brand protection
  • The intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies the use by the operators
  • Easily manages interconnection and remote support, in compliance with Industry 4.0
  • EL 300 / dual lane (conveyors width: 290 mm)
  • EL 400 / dual lane (conveyors width: 390 mm)
  • EL 500 / dual lane (conveyors width: 490 mm)