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Easy TB

Manual Visual Inspection performed by the operator suitable for any containers size.​

It can be used for the inspection of small batches or in combination with a semi-automated or fully automated visual inspection system for trending and characterization of defects.

The EASY TB can inspect: Vias, Bottles, Cartridges, Ampoules and Pre-Filled Syringes ​

The container to be inspected is loaded by the operator on a bottom plate and withheld in stable position by a top tailstock that is to be adjusted as a function of the container height.


  • Different lights (bottom & back) combination​
  • Lightning intensity tuned by dedicated potentiometer​
  • A PLC based system is installed to manage the bottom plate spinning speed​
  • Black and white backgrounds; a sliding mask is installed to configure the most suitable visual inspection condition​
  • Advanced lens with adjustable positioning ​
  • Additional mask installation prevents unwanted reflections ​
  • Easy format change: less than 1 minute, no tools are needed.

Dimensions (LxWxH)​:
Approx. 420 x 200 x 600  ​

Approx. Kg 12​

Container sizes​:
9 to 52 mm in diameter​
110 mm max in height​

Fill Volume:
1 ml up to 100 ml​

Containers contents: ​
Liquid, Powder, Freeze-dried