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Decoration Defects Inspection – Inline – ORION G6

The In-line inspection system ensures the quality of beverage cans, performing an inspection of the decoration of the container in-line. It detects cut blanket defects, incomplete UPC codes, color defects, pattern defects, print misregistration, and ink spots/water stains prior to reaching the filler.

Orion G6 inspects 100% of two piece cans on the production line at manufacturing line speeds providing complete 360º coverage of the can. Orion G6 creates a pristine unwrapped color image of the entire can surface and compares it to the reference image. Any differences – spatial defects, color shifts, registration, UPC degradation and fabrication flaws in the printing plates – are flagged, and out-of-spec cans are rejected.

  • Imaging speeds of up to 3,000/ppm
  • Real-time decoration display
  • Remote-mounted flat-panel touch screen user interface
  • Sealed low-maintenance enclosure
  • Remote diagnostic monitoring and control
  • Ease of use: intuitive, simple technology and easy-to-understand graphics
  • Pattern defects, color deviations,
  • ∆E color measurements, print misregistration
  • Incomplete UPC codes, ink spots/smears and water stains