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Decoration Defects Inspection – Offline – DECOMATCH

The Off-line inspection system ensures the quality of beverage can decorations, performing a complete inspection of the decoration of the container off-line. It detects cut blanket defects and incomplete UPC codes prior to reaching the filler.

The KromaKing® DecoMatch is a standalone offline inspection unit designed to accurately measure color and verify print quality on two-piece decorated beverage cans. It provides Delta E, Delta E CMC, and Delta RGB color space data, and supports the RGB, Lab, HSI, CMY, and Density color spaces. Along with numerical color space data, DecoMatch also displays visual representations of the color space information.

  • The only camera-based system to provide color measurements traceable to the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Performs offline 360 degree color inspection
  • ∆E measuerement system to +/- 0.5
  • Density measurement capability
  • Color space measurement
  • Imaging and inspection performed on both base-coated and non-coated cans
  • Pattern defects, color deviations from the reference standard
  • ∆E color measurements, print misregistration and UPC verification