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Sealing Surface and Base Inspection – VOLCANO SSB

Volcano SSB® is a state-of-the-art, multi-station inspection suite with a focus on the sealing surface and base of glass containers. Developed as an in-line solution capable of inspecting a wide range of container shapes, sizes, and colours, all at line speed. Volcano SSB® utilizes patented illumination and inspection techniques in order to provide an in-depth look at the quality of a container. Mold-correlation and defect classification provides users with detailed statistical analysis of the product under inspection. Defect detection includes but is not limited to chip finish, wire edge, over press, line overs, blisters, base stress, choke neck, dip & saddle.

  • Modular design allows for inspections to added as needed
  • Conveyor control
  • Can be coupled with other Volcano products for complete statistics
  • Optional integrated high speed ware spacer
  • Supports up to four optional reject selection devices
  • Sealing surface, High-resolution camera + multispectral illumination
  • Bottom-up mold number reading, High-resolution camera + multispectral illumination
  • Base, High-resolution camera + multispectral illumination
  • Base stress, High-resolution camera + multispectral illumination
  • Plug, High-resolution camera + multispectral illumination
  • Vision dip 6 High resolution cameras + monochromatic illumination

Volcano utilizes patented inspection solutions and high-resolution color cameras to give a new dimension to sealing surface and base inspection.

Sealing Surface and Base Inspection - VOLCANO SSB [1] - Antares Vision Group
Sealing Surface and Base Inspection - VOLCANO SSB [2] - Antares Vision Group

Volcano combines programmable lighting and high-resolution color cameras to inspect the most complex of containers. This unique inspection strategy makes light work of containers of all shapes and sizes without contact or rotation.