From startup to global leader in just 10 years.

Our journey continues towards technological excellence,

guided by one shared vision and the mission to accelerate technological

innovation and digitalization by connecting the physical and digital world

with the integrated value chain.

We aim to protect and create value for brands, governments and for all the people,

to improve the quality of life.


To accelerate technology innovation & digitalization by connecting physical & digital world with the integrated value chain, empowering our customers to protect product, profit, people and planet.


To be globally recognized as Innovation Enabler with the Power of Technology, to improve quality of life

Our Values


Passion and Energy




Our History

Form a small startup in 2007 to today

A journey of experience, skills, technologies and companies united in a single project, the Group.

  1. Emidio Zorzella and Massimo Bonardi found Antares Vision

  2. The world’s first standalone serialization module

  3. Antares Vision becomes main partner of Sanofi 

  4. Antares Vision celebrates 10 years of achievements

  5. Antares Vision is listed on the stock market exchange AIM

    Antares Vision acquires FT System, Emidio Zorzella and Massimo Bonardi win the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for innovation.

  6. Antares Vision acquires Applied Vision, Adents, Convel and Tradecity

  7. Antares Vision acquires rfXcel
    Antares Vision becomes Antares Vision Group and is listed on the MTA stock exchange